1. Staci had an interesting post, and I completely understand her comparrison.

    However, I would say that she had some pretty bad teachers as she doesn’t really seem to grasp what the LDS teach.

    I particularly liked the whole angels and elves comparrison, which I never heard in my life (and I was raised LDS).

  2. ex-Mormon Staci apparently is OK to over-simplify and intentionally mis-represent my beliefs in order to make the LDS God = Santa zinger.

    Not very Christlike

  3. Shem,

    Maybe she’s taking the line “Angels above us are silent notes taking” from the hymn “Do What is Right” quite literally?

    I don’t think she wrote that post intending for anyone who knows the LDS religion to read it. It’s human nature to ‘liberties’ with the truth if you don’t think that you’ll be called on it.

  4. Maybe. It does sound rather funny, though. I like the idea of elves spying for Santa best. To me, I always just thought he was magical and just simply knew. When I got older I started thinking he had a special calling in the Melchezidek priesthood and that’s how he knew.

    It is all rather silly, even what I think (though I still believe in Santa).

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