I just started reading this book:  Why? Powerful Answers and Practical Reasons for Living LDS Standards (Deseret Book, 2009) by John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat.  You can find this book at the local Deserets, the Wal-Marts, and the library in town.

The two popular youth men, Hilton and Sweat, are trying to build up all of today’s LDS youth.

But I can’t even agree with the answers to the first two questions in the book.

Chapter 1 – Why Should I Keep the Commandments?

“Why are some commandments more important than others – or are they?

“The Savior said that the most important commandments were to love God and to love our neighbor (see Matthew 22:36-40).  There are obviously some commandments that hurt God or hurt our fellow man more than others.  According to Alma 39:5, the three worst sins that can be committed are denying the Holy Ghost, murder where innocent blood is shed, and sexual immorality” (p. 13).

Chapter 2 – Why Should I Listen to and Follow the Prophet?

  1. Prophets can see coming events more clearly and direct us accordingly–they are see-ers!
  2. Those who follow the prophet have been promised safety from and preparation for many of the calamities of the last days.
  3. When we follow the prophet, we will never be led astray (p. 19)

And there are 27 more main questions along with the subpoint questions . . .



  1. 1. I don’t agree with the category of “the three worst sins that can be committed.”
    2. I don’t believe that President Thomas S. Monson is a see-er and that he will never lead you astray.

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