Baptists using “Released Time Education”

When in seminary, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, was the Christian family in Greenville, S.C. for my family.

And I am thankful for Jamie, writer for World Magazine, who spotlights in her latest article, “Catch & release” (Nov. 21), how my South Carolina church family is using released time education in the public school system.

In the years ahead, Berean Baptist Church in Idaho Falls, needs to be solidly in the trenches lovingly providing this very ministry to public school students.

One comment

  1. A quote in the article:

    “[Pastor Robert] Vincent says “adopting” the school has allowed the church to serve the community while “showing love to people in tangible ways on the road to giving them the gospel.” He adds: “There’s nothing in our community that unites as many homes as a school, and if God gives you a door there, it’s a huge door.”

    “That’s a door that dozens of churches are finding, according to Kenneth Breivik, executive director of School Ministries, a nonprofit organization that helps local groups organize Released Time programs. Breivik estimates as many as 500,000 public-school students nationwide participate in some form of Released Time, though Breivik’s organization works mostly with about a dozen programs in South Carolina.”

    There is no mention of LDS in this article.

    I wonder how many LDS students are participating in 2009 for released time in religious instruction. Wouldn’t they easily take a quarter to half of the 500,000 base?

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