So thankful . . .

  1. So thankful for the eternal, absolute trustworthiness of our Three-Person’d God.  Father.  Son.  Spirit. 
  2. So thankful for God creating me and my family . . . miraculously bringing us into existence. 
  3. So thankful for all that I see around me . . . the overwhelming, superabundant, good gifts of God to mankind.
  4. So thankful for the absolute trustworthiness of what God says.  God’s Word is truth and sets me apart.  I have been given purpose.  I have a mission.
  5. So thankful for God becoming like us and yet still not like us.
  6. So thankful for the full and complete salvation wrought by all Three — Father, Son, and Spirit — on my behalf.
  7. So thankful for the Church – living stones fitted together that give glory to the living, one, true God.
  8. So thankful to be in the world, but not of the world.
  9. So thankful for suffering where I can be brought into closer fellowship with my merciful, compassionate Savior.
  10. And I must conclude with this:  I am thankful for internet.  I have read a lot of tremendous things, and I have made a lot of friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

One comment

  1. Amen! and happy Thanksgiving to you as well. May the Lord richly bless you with wisdom, peace, and grace as you minister the Word of God in the pulpit as well as the web. With prayer, Mark Worden

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