Blogspotting LDS in the OT (post #1)

1. Jim F over at “Feast upon the Word”

Why Reading the OT is Sometimes so Difficult – Jim F. is an LDS scholarly guru. He hits on some interesting Hebrew world-view angles.  I just hope that he would not like Blake O. seek “to save the heart of God’s revelations to the Hebrews from the Greek mind.”  Two OT books are of utmost importance as we discover truths in God’s Word in 2010:  Genesis and Isaiah.

2.  Todd over at “Explorations in Faith”

Bereshith – the Creation – bereshith bara elohim according to Blake Ostler, Joseph Smith, and Todd (and not necessarily according to the KJV)

The First Creation Narrative – Let’s look at Wellhausen, Armstrong, a picture of the world (I saw this in Blake’s Vol. 3 – reproduced from Gier in God, Reason, and the Evangelicals: The Case Against Evangelical Rationalism), Enuma Elish, and the Framework Interpretation.  Now, I must admit, I do find some insights interesting from the Framework Interpretation.

The Second Creation Narrative: Eve – Some more higher criticism, but then I am happy to see some discussion on the “help meet”.  Indeed, my wife does correspond to my creatureliness in every way where I am lacking.  What a gift from the Creator – the One who does not lack like we creatures!

3. Robert C. over at “Feast upon the Word”

Brother Themes in Genesis – Hmm . . . you certainly won’t find this in Genesis: Two of our brothers presented alternative plans embodying different ways of conceiving our responsibilities toward others in the pre-earth council.

4.  BrianJ, Aquinas, and Julie on Lesson #1 – I just hope lesson #1 is not the foundation for everyone in S.E. Idaho before they begin reading their Old Testaments.

As of tonight, I have finished reading up to Genesis 14.

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