Blogspotting LDS in the OT (post #2)

1. The JST and the Hebrew Bible by David – well, there you have it – literary criticism of LDS scripture.  Do bishops allow teachers to share this during Sunday School class?

When I googled “reading the OT in 2010”, here are five of the ten entries that I saw on the opening google page of the world-wide web.

2. GMI Gospel Doctrine – Old Testament 1 by Doug

3.  How to Study the OT by Jeff.  Yes, you can spend a whole year in Isaiah.  In part 5, Jeff takes a stab at what “plain and precious things” were lost.  But I ask, “God’s Gospel lost?”  It is inconceivable.

4. Why Reading the OT is so Difficult (already mentioned in earlier post)

5.  New View Old Testament (websight) by Val Greenwood

6. Women of the OT 2010 Calendar

And click here:  two latest LDS commentaries on the OT for LDS in 2010.

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