In Rexburg tonight . . .

I went to see my brother-in-law and sister at the hospital in Rexburg tonight to get my first glimpse of my beautiful, new-born niece.  Oh, she is beautiful.  Little Lilly.

But let me share a few notes before I call it a night.

1.  Why is the primary reading in the lobby of the Rexburg public hospital – Ensign magazines and Watchtower material?   This is strange.

2.  I picked up a Standard Journal and noticed this front page article in the newspaper – “Rammell apologizes for LDS elders only meetings”.

He is now inviting non-Mormons to his first meeting, 7:00 p.m., on January 19 at the Hampton Inn (Idaho Falls).  I think I might go to see what he has to say.  His controversy has gone national, even making the Drudge Report.  Does anyone want to join me in listening to Rammell?

It has been an interesting day between reading him ( and Harry Reid in the news.  Two Mormon, political lightning rods.

3.  The wraps at New York Burrito  in downtown Rexburg were awesome.  My family loved them.


  1. Literature issue: it is available and there are people who make it their responsibility to see that it is present.

    Around here, there is no LDS literature in such places, but the JW stuff is rivaled by SBC material.

  2. There are a lot of LDS in Rexburg, so it doesn’t seem that strange to have the Ensign in the lobby for reading. Better reading than a lot of the tabloid garbage you see in waiting areas at hospitals.

  3. Missed it guys.

    On that night, I ended up being committed to bigger priorities. I listened to my youngest boy read his homework. And then we played a fierce game of Chronicles of Narnia Stratego.

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