Hebrews Inductive Study (chapter 3)

Questions on Hebrews 3


  1.  Who is Jesus contrasted with in verses 1-6?
  2. List everything you discover in these verses in how they are contrasted.
  3. Where do you find the O.T. context for the house and servant being referenced?
  4. What is the O.T. passage that chapter 3 directly quotes?
  5. Who is speaking in verse 7?  What do you find significant about that?
  6. What was the “day of trial” in verse 8?
  7. What phrases in chapter 3 are repeated for emphasis?
  8. How many persuasive rhetorical questions conclude the chapter?
  9. Is unbelief synonymous with disobedience? 
  10. How would you summarize the chapter?


  1.  Use a Greek study tool to explore “confession” (3:1, 4:14, 10:23).  What insights did you discover?
  2. Can someone fall  away from their confession of Jesus Christ?
  3. Define the house.  Who is the house?
  4. Who built the house?
  5. Why is the Greek word, hupostaseos, translated “nature” in Hebrews 1:3 and “assurance” in Hebrews 3:14?


  1.  Do you find that your heart is becoming hard to spiritual truths?
  2. Are you in danger of losing your testimony?
  3. What needs to take place to ensure that you don’t?
  4. How can you help others?
  5. How often should you help them?

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