No Apology by Mitt Romney

These are some interesting tidbits that I picked up from Mitt’s latest book, No Apology:  The Case for American Greatness (2010).

My father knew what it meant to pursue the difficult.  He was born in Mexico, where his Mormon grandparents had moved to escape religious persecution (5).

Some years ago, I served as a lay pastor.  In the Mormon Church, we don’t have full-time or paid pastors, so individual members like me are asked to assume that responsibility.  I served a congregation or a group of congregations in the Boston area for about fourteen years.  Among these were inner-city and Spanish-, Chinese-, and Portuguese- speaking congregations (115).

After my first year of college, I went to France to serve a two-and-a-half year mission for my church, a custom in my Mormon faith and a long tradition in my family. . . . Like my fellow missionaries, I lived on  a hundred dollars a month–about six hundred of today’s dollars–and that had to cover rent, food, transportation, and clothing (195).

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