Calvary Chapel at our LDS Barbecue

I wonder if Christian Vuissa, founder and organizer of the annual LDS film festival in Utah, might consider producing a hit LDS movie with this title.

Though my opinion is not founded on research, I would perhaps consider Calvary Chapel the largest evangelical denomination in the Intermountain Mormon Corridor.  Would this be a safe observation?

And it is interesting how in 2010, flagship Calvary Chapels on Interstate 15 have stepped it up a notch in public counterpoint teaching to Mormonism. 

A few case examples . . .

1.  Calvary Chapel of Idaho Falls hosting Bill McKeever for a Wednesday night series – Mormonism 101.

2.  Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake City hosting the Capstone Conference this past weekend.


Incidentally, I was sitting at Arctic Circle today for lunch (a half mile from my church building and two-and-a-half miles from the CCC of Idaho Falls).  I was sitting right in the midst of a whole group of Idaho Falls veterans (most of these men in their seventies).  One of the tables was discussing genealogies.  Another table was discussing McKeever’s series at CCC.  The conversations were so fascinating, I had to put down momentarily the book I was reading – The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper.

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