SE Idaho Book of Mormon Archeology & Prophecy Conference

Here is the news brief:

SE Idaho Book of Mormon Archeology & Prophecy Conference Event

SE Idaho Book of Mormon Archeology & Prophecy Conference Date: Saturday May 15, 2010

Time: 9:00am–10pm

Location: Rigby Jr. High (100N 100 W Rigby, ID)


Spend a day with WAYNE MAY, ROD MELDRUM, and ROGER K. YOUNG and learn about the latest in Book of Mormon archeology in North America, ancient NA Indian legends, and the latest DNA studies confirming the Book of Mormon. See pictures, videos, artifacts of the Lamanite and Jaredite burial mounds, skeletons, armor, weapons, writing, the waters of Mormon, the remains of the great fortress of Lachoneus and many other fascinating items.

Spend a wonderful day immersed in the world of the Book of Mormon. (Next best thing to taking a tour & being in the field) There will be Booths & Displays

More Contact: 208-745-7712


Are any of you attending this conference tomorrow?

One comment

  1. Todd:

    The site is now indicating that the BofM conference has been postponed.

    But, I must say conferences, such as this, concern me. If there is strong archeological evidence in favor of the BofM, then the proper venue is a scientific conference where the claims can be professionally refereed. Instead, I fear that little or no good is obtained by having a one-sided conference. I hope I am wrong.

    To me, the BofM is worth scholarly analysis using standard mechanisms of formal presentation. Fortunately, I think there is some movement in that direction.

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