Grand Teton Council Jamboral 2010

Last Saturday, our boys joined the thousands of other boys at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds for the massive Jamboral in Southeastern Idaho.

It was a blast participating in all the selected booths and activity booths.  Besides all the shooting with M60 machine guns, the Two Finger Knife Inc. booth was among my favorite.

Also, everyone has to meet renowned Bill Burch and Gary Dollar and look at their wood bolo ties.

Thanks to all who made it so fun.

Two other big celebrities were David L. Beck (Young Men’s General President – LDS Church) and Robert E. Chambers (Area Authority Seventy – LDS Church).  How I would have enjoyed getting into discussions with them over religious priesthood authority in S.E. Idaho and the book of Hebrews.  🙂

It is interesting how the Boy Scouts of America and the LDS Aaronic priesthood are intricately tied together in our culture.  David L. Beck recently talked about “the magnificent Aaronic priesthood“.

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