Church of the Primacy of Peter – John 20:1-11

Have you been there?

It is in the area of Tabgha.  I have a dish that I purchased from there sitting on my desk presently.  I pulled it off a nearby shelf, and I am staring at a mosaic pattern of two fish and a basket of bread (Scroll down on this site for a pic). 

This Sunday morning, we will be looking at John 21:1-11.  The biblical text is open in front of me, tonight.

I just finished reading Gary Burge in the  “contemporary significance” commentary (pp. 595-596) of this text in The NIV Application Commentary.  He shares the very musings of my heart.

I don’t know what to say tonight except this . . .

I feel reborn with gospel joy.

I am at a loss of words.


  1. Not sure where you’re going, Todd, but, as against Roman Catholicism, those of us who are Orthodox, yet recognize Petrine primacy, would point out that there is a difference between primacy on the one hand and infallibility and ordinary universal jurisdiction on the other.

    “Peter, when you are converted, strengthen the brethren.” This word is still spoken today to the successors of Peter.

  2. Successors of Peter are to feed the lambs. I don’t feel fed by the current pope, Greg.

    And it makes me think of what Calvin wrote long ago:

    “All that Peter received does not belong to the Pope any more than to Mahomet: for on what ground does he claim to be Peter’s heir, and what man of sound understanding will admit that Christ here bestows on him any hereditary right? Yet he wishes to be reckoned Peter’s successor: I wish he were so. None of us hinders him from loving Christ, and from taking care to feed his flock; but to take no concern about loving Christ, and to throw aside the office of feeding, and then to boast of being Peter’s successor, is excessively foolish and absurd.”

    But the direction I was going is the power of Christ, the mercy of Christ, the love of Christ, the omniscience of Christ, and the restoration that Christ provides. It was gospel glory for Peter. And it is gospel glory for me today.

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