Hebrews Inductive Study (Chapter 8)

Questions for Hebrews 8


  1.  What is the main point?
  2. Where is our high priest seated?
  3. What if Jesus were on the earth? (v. 4)
  4. What was the warning by God to Moses?
  5. The author of Hebrews took its readers 600 years back to the words of what prophet?
  6. The New Covenant is made with whom?
  7. Where will the laws be put?
  8. Why is there no need for teaching in the New Covenant?
  9. What will happen to the sins?
  10. What happens to the old covenant?  Is it a bad covenant?


  1. What is the true tabernacle?
  2. How is the priesthood of Jesus far superior to that of Aaron?
  3. Who fulfills the new covenant? 
  4. Has the church replaced Israel as the participant in the new covenant?  Is the new covenant only with the nation of Israel?  Are there two new covenants – one for Israel and one for the New Testament (Covenant) Church?  Or is it that the Church participates only soteriologically and Israel participates eschatologically?
  5. Have we seen the full fulfillment of the New Covenant?


  1.  If Jesus is seated, how does that relate to your sin problem?
  2. If Jesus is our high priest in heaven, should you feel disadvantage by not having an earthly priest?
  3. Are you under the old covenant or new covenant?
  4. What does the new covenant guarantee for you?
  5. As Hebrews 8 declares the true tabernacle, why do people in S.E. Idaho spend so much time focusing on earthly tabernacles today?

One comment

  1. I am obviously not defending Mormon “temples”, but WE refer to all of our church buildings as “temples”. It is worth noting that the concept of “truth” being used here (the “true tabernacle/temple is in heaven”) is not such so as to label our temples as “false”. “True” here means primarily “original” or “archetypal”. Our “temples” are authentic insofar as they PARTICIPATE in/manifest the one true temple in heaven.

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