A Divine Spark in Humans

“The problem with both Platonic and Gnostic ideas is similar to the problem of early twentieth-century liberalism in that they all advocate a divine spark in humans.  But human beings are not divine, not even a small part of them.  They are created beings, and even when they join God in his presence they are still not divine.  They are still his creations.  There is basic qualitative difference between God or Jesus and humans, and it will remain so.  Nevertheless, humans can experience life that is eternal, but it is not part of their essence; it is a gift given by God” (John 3:16; 10:27-28).  – Gerald Borchert

Unlike Father, Son, and Spirit, man is not of the species of Jehovah.

In Ammon, Idaho, we read this.  We know this to be true by our study of John’s Gospel.

One comment

  1. And thus, the error of Origen. Humans are created with the capacity for participating in the Divine Life. This potential is part of human nature. However, it is not actualized apart from being incorporated into Christ by way of faith, baptism, chrismation, and Eucharist.

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