Two Clear Categories: Made and Unmade

Two categories:

Unmade – The eternal Triune God

Made – Everything else

By reading the 66 books of the Bible, is this not clear to the reader?  For starters, clear off your shelves every other religious work and contemporary author, and spend the next three years reading and rereading three books:  Genesis, Isaiah, and John’s Gospel.

And let the Spirit of God build within you this presuppositional conviction as we see at the end of John’s Gospel:

“We know that his testimony is true.”


  1. 72 books more or less, but yeah concerning “not made” and “made”, especially in the context of the rest of the Apostolic Tradition. Guess what y’all: the Bible means what the Church says it means: “He who hears you hears Me,” says the Lord. So I guess that kinda rules out getting rid of the Church Fathers, especially the really early ones, huh? (Acts 8:30-36, esp. vs. 31 and II Peter 1:20) Todd, have you ever read the Didache, Clement to the Corinthians (I Clement) and Ignatios of Antioch? Just Martyr? Ireneus?

  2. I haven’t read much. But I am always very interested in the writings of these men whom you have listed.

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