Hebrews Inductive Study (Chapter 9)

Questions for Hebrews 9


  1.  What was in the ark of the covenant?
  2. What is the Greek word for mercy seat?  Where else in the Bible do we see this word?
  3. How often does the high priest enter into the “second” (the Holy of Holies)?
  4. The high priest offers gifts and sacrifices for what kind of sins?
  5. Do these gifts and offerings make the sinner perfect in conscience?
  6. Where in the Old Testament do we see the blood and ashes being sprinkled?
  7. How is verse 14 Trinitarian?
  8. Without shedding of blood, there is no what?
  9. Is Jesus coming a second time?
  10. How would you summarize chapter 9?


  1.  How do you translate thymiaterion in verse 4, altar of incense or censer?
  2. What is the Greek word for “symbol” in verse 9?  How does that shed light on the priesthood service?
  3. What is the human conscience? (v. 9)
  4. What is the “a time of reformation”? (v. 10)
  5. What is a mediator? (v. 15)


  1.  Do you have a clear conscience?
  2. What have you been freed to do?
  3. Can you sing the precious hymn, “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”?
  4. Are you eagerly awaiting the return of your great High Priest?
  5. What can you add to the sacrifice of Christ?

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