Hebrews Inductive Study (Chapter 12)

Questions for Hebrews 12


  1.  Locate the “therefore” words in chapter 12 and list the central commands connected with each one.
  2. What is the key word in the first paragraph (vv. 1-13)?
  3. What is Jesus for us in verse 2?
  4. Why did Jesus endure the cross?
  5. What is your status if you receive no discipline in your life?
  6. Why does God discipline us?
  7. No one will see the Lord unless they have what?
  8. What can defile many?
  9. In verse 22, Mount Zion is contrasted with what?
  10. What is the theme of the chapter?


  1. What is “the sin” (singular) in verse 1?
  2. What does this mean, “You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin;”
  3. Why could Esau find no place for repentance?
  4. What is the “church of the first-born who are enrolled in heaven”?
  5. What attributes of God do you see in “a consuming fire”?


  1.  In a practical way, how do you fix your eyes on Jesus?
  2. If we pattern our lives after Christ, what enables us to endure?
  3. What is the continual key in not becoming weary?
  4. When was the last time that you were disciplined?
  5. If you see others discouraged, how can you help them?
  6. Will America be included in the shaking of God?  And in the shaking what will be left?

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