Hebrews Inductive Study (Chapter 13)

Questions for Hebrews 13


  1.  List the exhortations in this chapter
  2. Where does the chapter 13 quote the Old Testament?
  3. We are to be strengthened by what?
  4. Who did the God of peace bring from the dead?
  5. Whose reproach are we to bear?
  6. What is the last “let us” exhortation in the book of Hebrews?
  7. We are equipped through the blood of what?
  8. What are we to bear with?
  9. What are the key words in this chapter?
  10. What is the theme of this chapter?


  1. How have some entertained angels without knowing it?
  2.  What were some of the “varied and strange teachings”?


  1. How can we continue in love?
  2. How can we show hospitality?
  3. Do we know the names of at least five brothers and sisters in prison?
  4. How can we remember “the prisoners”? 
  5. Who can you imitate?

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