I know the Scriptures are true

I received in the mail the Deseret Book catalog of advertisements (Winter 2011).

May I inquire into three areas?

1. With Deseret Book’s 145 year old history, do you like this particular business?

2.  In the celebrating a century of Mormon Tabernacle recordings, what is your favorite?

3.  “I know the Scriptures are true” – Who originated this phrase?  And what does this phrase mean for you?


  1. So is this the full picture of what Augustine thought of power and bishops? How much did the authority of Ambrose really help in the conversion of this man?

    The Scriptures are completely trustworthy and the final authority.

  2. Ambrose was certainly influential in Augustine’s conversion. Now, I don’t know enough about Augustine’s ecclesiology to really comment on your question; however, I note that he did say “the Catholic Church” and not “the Catholic bishops.”

    According to Orthodox ecclesiology, the gift of infallibity is given to the Church as a whole, not to any one bishop nor even to the universal college of bishops. Note Acts 15: in the end, it is the whole Church which agrees that gentiles could become Christian without being circumcised.

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