Saint Augustine of Hippo

Maker of the sun, He is made under the sun.  In the Father he remains, From his mother he goes forth.

Creator of heaven and earth, He was born on earth under heaven.  Unspeakably wise, He is wisely speechless.

Filling the world, He lies in a manger.  Ruler of the stars, He nurses at his mother’s bosom.

He is both great in the nature of God, and small in the form of a servant.


I am amazed  by Christ’s incarnation . . .

John Milton writes, “That glorious form, that light unsufferable, and that far-beaming blaze of majesty, wherewith he wont at Heaven’s high council-table to sit the midst of Trinal Unity, He laid aside; and here with us to be, forsook the courts of everlasting day, and chose with us a darksome house of mortal clay.”

But it had to be . . .

Desiderius Erasmus joins in, “By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade.”


  1. No, it did not “have to be”.

    The Incarnation takes places because of the infinite Love God the Most Blessed Trinity bears creation. In fact, the whole purpose of creation is the Incarnation. It is only because of the fall that, in light of this, the death of the Incarnate Divine and Eternal Son becomes an inevitability.

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