1. the site looks good.
    maybe it wsa just my computer, but the name of the pastor who wrote the intro comment was cut off. (so I think it was you, but I do not know)
    I thought it very odd that of the few things you chose to share about yourself as the pastor you included you birth in an LDS hospital. Why did you chose that life detail?
    You used the word investigate in reference to what people were doing at your site. That word has a very Mormon connotation to me, and I have to say that I am not a huge fan when they call me an investigator (gator for short).

  2. Patricia, thanks for the feedback. All I can say is that the LDS culture is my culture that I live in. I just think it is an interesting tidbit about myself. Sort of like this: our church meeting house is located technically in Ammon, Idaho, a town named after a person in the Book of Mormon. 🙂

    As far as investigator, I honestly hadn’t considered this with a Mormon connotation. Perhaps all the years of living here is rubbing off on me subconciously.

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