Grace & Glory Sunday – “Atonement Through Christ!”

We would like to take a moment and invite you to our upcoming Grace & Glory Sunday Service on June 5th.  The overriding topic is the grace and glory of Jesus Christ.  He is truly incomparable to anyone else.  His grace is amazing.  His glory is unrivaled.  The particular theme for the worship service will be “Atonement Through Christ!!”  This could spark some questions in people’s minds.  What does atonement mean?  Who first penned that English word?  How is atonement illustrated?  Why are some high-profile speakers in America antagonistic to this theme?  And what does the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ mean for you personally?
All the music, prayers, Bible teaching, and preaching will revolve around this central topic of the gospel.  It is our desire that you find Christ, learn Christ, love Christ, and live Christ.  Please come.  We would be honored by your visit.  The main service begins at 10:45 am.
looking forward to meeting you,
Todd Wood
2975 E. 1st Street
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
phone:  (208) 528-6356
“Always the Word” – the desire of the Bereans in Idaho: let the written word run and be glorified so that all might gaze upon the living Word and be healed

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