1. A big problem in America is that there are a lot of different people out there introducing us to all different kinds of Jesuses.

    Who is the real Jesus in the I-15 Corridor?

  2. how are we to know who he is?
    i reckon the real Jesus in the I-15 Corridor is the same as the real Jesus in Sudan or Guatemala.
    but how do we meet the real one, and how do we know if we get him wrong?

  3. Well, Patricia, what does Jesus Himself say about this? For instance, somewhere in the Gospel of John, he says, “Those who hear you, hear me, and those who hear me, hear him who sent me.” He also says, “Those who reject you, reject me.”

    Who is Jesus speaking to? In both case, it is the same group. Who are they, and who stands among us in their place today?

  4. “i reckon the real Jesus in the I-15 Corridor is the same as the real Jesus in Sudan or Guatemala.” Yes, it is beautiful, isn’t it.

    “how do we get him right?” Sincerely Patricia, my source has been the Spirit of God through the Word of God. And I struggle, not because my source is fallible but because I am.

    “does that just mean having the right knowledge about him, or is there more to it than that?” Some know a lot about Jesus, but they don’t personally trust or love Him. Some are doing a lot of things in the name of Jesus, but Jesus does not know them.

    Some thoughts I have had to consider growing up in S.E. Idaho . . .

    *As the Creator, how did Jesus create me? Do I need to credit my absolute beginning to Him?
    *As the Savior, did Jesus think I needed saving the day I was born? Did I really start humanity like him?
    *As the Melchizedek Priest, what did Jesus know that I could never be or do? How much work did He do on the behalf of securing my glorification?
    *As the King, to what extent does Jesus think that I will be like him in my redemption?
    *As God, did He intend for me to be God through eternity?

    I am finding clear cut answers in the Bible. But it is more than just knowledge, Patricia. I want to grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

    May the Lord bless you, today, in your own personal search. May He fill you with grace and peace, friend.

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