Grace Agenda Conference – Moscow, Idaho (Sept. 16-17)

1.  In requirements for one of Beau’s Moody online classes, we listened to two of John Piper’s sermons on TULIP and then a question and answer session on the way up from Idaho Falls.  Beau and I pulled in to Moscow about 4:30 this afternoon.     Lots of golden farm fields all over the place.

2.  We enjoyed some super thick pizza at Gambino’s.  Even an 8″ pizza heartily fills the belly.

3.  I jogged from our Super 8 in front of the University of Idaho campus down to Main street.  Points of interest: (1)  Paradise Creek Bicycles – the place provides some sweet means of transportation in this town, (2) Bookpeople of Moscow – nice collection of books except the religious section, (3) the Nuart Theater, and (4) New Saint Andrews.  For a minute, I thought I saw Mark Driscoll and N.D. Wilson walkin’ down one of the streets, but I think my eyes were playing tricks on me as I was sweating in the cool, evening air.

4.  Tomorrow morning, we are going to hear and muse in the pre-conference Puritan 5 at All Souls Church for a warmup.


  1. I think I saw this gathering of distinguished people later at NSA tonight (noted in this earlier session today as the kickoff for the NSA Celebratio)

    “Dr. Peter Leithart’s lecture “Educating Kings” (5 pm). Join president and scholars from ten of the nation’s reformed colleges and universities who will be in Moscow for this address! Location: The 1912 Center, 412 E. Third Street, Moscow.”

    I would be interested in the list of the ten colleges and universities represented.

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