Bucer’s Coffeehouse Pub

Bucer’s in downtown Moscow.  Heard of it?

I went there yesterday on the invitation from a brother from Christ Church.  Is this the only pub in Idaho where you actually smell an aroma of goodness?  Actually, Philippians 4:8 did come to mind.  The warmth.  The books.  The discussions on theology.

This morning in my One Year Bible, I read today’s O.T. entry – Isaiah 25:1-28:13.  The brothers at Bucers would say AMEN to Isaiah 25:6 as well as strongly urge the woes of Isaiah 27:1-8. 

Funny thing is, I didn’t know such a pub existed in Idaho.

Can you imagine if this kind of community were to be established in downtown Rexburg, Idaho? 

(By the way, LDS friends, I didn’t partake of the alcohol.  But I did enjoy a frappe.)


  1. I’m surprised you’re just now hearing of it. Moscow is a template for what all of a renewed Christendom could look like.

  2. Greg, in the recent World magazine, I read about the death of Dmitri Royster (back on Aug. 28) – the Southern Baptist from Texas who became archbishop of the South for the Orthodox Church in America.

  3. Yes, indeed, Todd. He was a good and holy man, whom I had the privilege of once meeting, and he will eventually be “glorified” as a Saint, probably sooner rather than later. He and his sister became Orthodox as teenagers in Texas in, I think, 1941, back when the only Orthodox presence in Texas was ethnically Greek and all the services were in that language. However, they did not let that stop them.

    Like so many of us, they made the mistake of reading the early Church Fathers. 😉

  4. LOL. I got that we are talking about Idaho, Joel. The “new Geneva”? Maybe, but that doesn’t translate into a “renewed Christendom”.

    However, there is historically an interesting mix of religious dynamism in Idaho, including traditionalist Roman Catholic types whose relationship with the Vatican is strained, at best, and is often abeyance.

    Orthodoxy’s time will come to Idaho as well.

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