Grace Agenda (Day 2)

It has been a full day in Northern Idaho. 

Here is just a small recap . . .

1.  I left the motel this morning around 7:45 and walked down to the Friendship Plaza on Main Street.  At the open market, I skipped the humanist/Darwinist booth and picked up Jim Wilson’s testimony at another booth.  Reading the testimony, I then sought to hand it to the young LDS missionaries at their station, nestled against the wall of the NSA building.  Sitting at their table and clothed in white shirts, ties, and smiles, they already had a copy.  In fact, Jim Wilson (the senior evangelist of Moscow, Idaho) had already talked to them in some earlier encounter.  The young LDS elders remarked, “Jim told us that we were duped.” 

I introduced myself as the pastor of a church down in Ammon, Idaho.  One of the elders saw my LOTOJA 2007 t-shirt and exclaimed, “That t-shirt was made in our basement.  My dad is the director of the race.”  Interesting.  That race back in 2007 was an incredible run for me in seeing over 200 miles of God’s glorious design in the Mormon Corridor while riding on pedal bike.   My prayer is that the two young men here today be gripped by the sweeping grace of this majestic Triune Creator God.

2.  In his opening lecture today, Doug Wilson noted a fundamental, critical issue while speaking on the topic of pomosexuality.  Those who believe that matter is eternal are in rebellion against the Triune Creator of all.  What is it that you worship?

3.  N.D.Wilson gave one of the best sessions that I have ever listened to live on the grace agenda through the natural revelation of God.  I would encourage you all to hook into listening to a recording of this session – “The Word and Its Alternatives”.

4.  Tonight, at 8:00 pm, Beau and I sat in the Nuart Theater and watched the Bookumentary of the Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl.  God is the Hero.  And it is His story.

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