J. Todd Billings – Bible Reading in Idaho Falls (7)


“How To Read Your Bible” by J. Todd Billings in Christianity Today (Oct. 2011)

Reading Scripture is not about solving puzzles but discerning a mystery.  Through Scripture, we encounter no less than the mysterious triune God himself. . . .

The new world into which God brings us via Scripture is wide and spacious, but it also has a specified character.  It is a journey on the path of Jesus Christ by the power of the Spirit in anticipation of the final, culminating communion with the triune God. . . .

In reading the Bible, we are not the masters.  We are being mastered and enlivened by the triune God” (pp. 26, 30)

Radical way to read your Bible in the I-15 Corridor.

This is dangerous.  This could turn things upside down.

Would you like to enter the discussion on a new way to read that Bible in your home?  Go ahead.  Ask J.Todd Billings.

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