BYUtv – Fires of Faith – Bible reading in Idaho Falls (6)

I highly recommend that you all watch, “Fires of Faith” – honoring the 400th anniversary of the KJV Bible.

The first episode in this trilogy takes you to many places:  the Westminster Abbey, Oxford University, Rome, Israel, Wittenberg, St. Paul’s Cross, and Worms, etc.

You will hear from Alec Ryrie, Guido Latre, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Lawrence A. Cunningham, David Rosen, Lucy Worsley, Brad S. Gregory, John C. Cavadini, and Steven C. Walker.

Some of my favorite phrases and scenes in this first episode are as follows:

(1) The opening scene of Tyndale at the stake

(2) The spreading of Wycliffe’s ashes into the River Swift

(3) The exclamation by one scholar – “You can read the Bible!”

(4) The meeting at the famous pub, The White Horse Inn, Cambridge, 1517 (modern day Michael Horton likes the place, too)

(5) Martin Luther, when he says, “Arise O Lord, and may the fires of faith burn brighter than St. Peter’s gold!”

(6) Martin Luther, when he is before the King and Eck, and as he says in German, “Here I Stand . . . ”

Friends, watch this series.  Tell me what you think.

Links of interest: Lee Groberg, BYUtv, Church News, Deseret News, The Tyndale Society

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