Some explanation for the new look . . .

11/11/11 – It’s a new look.  Let me provide a little direction for you readers in following this blog over the next year.

1.  First, I and a friend, Charles Barnes, are at the ground floor stages for the researching and the writing of a new book, entitled something like this, Jesus in Idaho Falls. (And who knows, this could be the first book of a trilogy, Jesus in Southeastern Idaho and Jesus in the I-15 Corridor.  But first things first.)  Hence, this is the reason for the blog theme look.

On the subject of Jesus in Idaho Falls, we are playing around with chapter subjects:

  • In the beginning was the Word: the Creator
  • Go ye into all the world: the appearance of the first missionaries
  • The Indian, the white man, and Taylor’s Crossing
  • The arrival of Rebecca Mitchell and civilization
  • Early settlement and Christian organization
  • Atomic Power and Spiritual Power
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Restorationists
  • Jesus, His mother, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church
  • Mainline denominational establishments:  their history and traditions
  • Christian parachurch ministries
  • The evangelical churches in the City of destiny
  • What is the future will of Jesus Christ for this town?

2.  But you will also continue to see posts related to these topics:

  • Weekly windows into the worship and outreach at Berean Baptist
  • Musings on Bible reading and prayer and short exhortations, exploring heart issues
  • Sporadic announcements concerning teachings and events from other churches in Idaho Falls
  • Missional intersection with our contemporary LDS culture


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