Questions for Bob Millet

I must be honest.  In the first decade after Y2K, I have been very wary of Bob Millet.  In fact, the attitude has been almost equal toward his conversation partner, Greg Johnson.

But I find it interesting in God’s providence that both of these men are coming to my beloved hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho.

So I got questions.  Lots of them in the upcoming weeks.  Before both of these men arrive and speak in the Colonial Theatre on June 13, I just have to get them down on paper.

These questions will be churned from direct source material, Bridging The Divide, authored by Millet and Johnson.  Follow my random inquiries.  Hopefully, sincere questions.  And perhaps you might have similar musings and amusements.

1.  Millet writes, “In the words of our friend, John Stackhouse, ‘God cares about people more than he cares about ‘truth’ in the abstract.  Jesus didn’t die on the cross to make a point.  He died on the cross to save people whom he loves.’ ” (xxiii)

Does Bob consider himself a modern or a postmodern? (Interestingly, I teach as a modern, but I parent like a postmodern.)

2.   In Greg Johnson’s introduction in the book, he talks about a “dialogue approach” being very difficult.

But does Bob consider loving conversation and dialogue more difficult than loving confrontation?  When would he think that there is a need for loving confrontation in an interfaith discussion?

3.  Bob talks about having a “shelf of MacArthur’s books.” (8)

I have read some of Bob’s books quoting MacArthur.  Which core book written by John MacArthur would Bob recommend for the LDS community in Idaho Falls to read?  And why that book?  Because of what particular doctrine?

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