1. I would acknowledge that. But I think they were on to something.

    Greg asks “why?”

    Because I am in awe of the High King on the white horse. And it is time to spread the news about the King in I.F. During election year in America, what better time than now to preach a Christocracy.

  2. If you are willing to acknowledge that, can you see why those who value classical Christianity view dispensational thought with suspicion as an innovation not present in the church for well over a millennia? Did all of the people from the time of Jerome and Augustine simply get it wrong for 11400 years and then all of a sudden 19th century evangelicals got it right?

    Don’t get me wrong, this is not a “rule of faith” like the Trinity, Virgin Birth etc…but it has become enormously divisive in the church because of groups saying “We just teach the Bible” and having stunted view of the church. I’m not saying this is you, but that this is an issue today.

  3. Premillenialists? Possibly. Did any split the Second Coming into
    phases? No.

    In any event, the Holy Spirit, speaking through the Church, definitively rejected premillenialism As the Creed, the “rule of faith, puts it: [Christ] shall come again in glory to judge the living and dead and His Kingdom WILL HAVE NO END.” (Emhpasis added)

    Christocracy? “My kingdom is not of this world.”

    There are in fact good reasons, and good ways, to study the Apocalypse. You could do worse than to approach it as Roman Catholic apologist and former PCA Pastor Scott Hahn does in “The Lamb’s Supper: the Mass as Heaven on Earth”.

  4. Interesting book reccomendation. I’ll have to add that to my list. With the Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, etc…most Lutherans and “high church” Anglicans are proponents of a “realized millennium.” The senior pastor of my church just taught this (I got to sub for him), which is the classical view of the church. Oddly, this issue is one of the reasons I left fundmental Baptist thought for Anglo-Lutheran Catholic thought, since the dispensational view was such an anamoly in the history of the church that I was forced to look at the entire baptist hermenutic and discovered a very “minimalist” view in virtually all matters.

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