The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Patmos

Have you been to Patmos?   It is a beautiful place – a long ways from the brown, barren, rocky Roman penal prison of 2,000 years ago where John was exiled.
Concerning religious life, Patmos is run by the Greek Orthodox. In a snippet from one travel journal, you see how early the priests pray. In digital musical recordings, you can hear how they chant. And you can read for yourself how the leaders at Patmos address the western world.
In exploring the island, you can cruise the streets on a motorcycle, dance on Easter Sunday, and relax in a Villa on the island.  There is ton of stuff to do.  But even as tourists visit, they cannot escape the historical event that this is the place where John was given the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
It is good to think about John and Patmos.  When I think of Patmos, I think of the persecution of Christians for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Some say that in our present day, a Christian is martyred every five minutes.  Some are suffering severely.  What do you think of Yang’s story?

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