The Revelation of Jesus Christ – One Day at a Time

Someone told me that Wilber Smith had 200 commentaries on Revelation in his personal library.  What commentaries on Revelation do you have?  If you don’t want them, would you like to give them to me?  Mail them to me.  One of the sisters in the Berean church family, Anne McCraw, lent to me a commentary, Lectures on Revelation by H.A. Ironside (dated 1930).  It’s even got a fold-out chart.
One commentary in my possession, The Revelation of Jesus Christ by John F. Walvoord, was given to me on my wedding day, twenty years ago at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Idaho Falls.  I read the personal note on the inside cover:  “May 30, 1992.  Todd and Kristie,  May this be the first day of a long and fruitful Christian life together.  May God bless each of you.  ‘One Day at a Time.’  Ann and Jack Wallace.”
It’s interesting how 20 years later, I am using a wedding gift every week.  Now, I don’t see eye-to-eye with Walvoord on some interpretational details.  But this is where I agree 100% with him.  John Walvoord believed that Jesus Christ is the eternal One.
Ann Wallace, who attended my wedding 20 years ago, believed that Jesus Christ is the First and the Last.  And she communicated to me that when you have the Christ of the book of Revelation, who is sovereign from the beginning to the end, you can live without fear as you take “one day at a time.”
John dropped down dead before Christ in Revelation 1.  And you will notice that he did not drop down dead before any other supernatural being or cataclysmic event throughout the rest of the book.  When you have the King’s right hand on your shoulder, you need not fear anything else.

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