The Revelation of Jesus Christ – sensory overload

My 16-year-old son is an adrenalin junkie.  He told me that he and some of his buddies jumped off an 80 foot cliff on Saturday.  This makes my skin tingle.  Just a little bit.
But you know what?  That is nothing compared to what I talked about on Sunday and what we are all going to experience soon.  We, like John the apostle, will see the King in unveiled divine glory.  That will stop your heart from beating.  Only it will be the amazing love and grace of your Maker who will keep the molecules of your creaturely body from flying apart.
Imagine what it was like for John to have that gentle right hand of his cousin touch him and tell him, “Do not be afraid.”
Just wait.  Your turn is coming where you will also be touched by God.  The time is near.

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