Bereans: 2013 Bible reading in Idaho Falls

We desire to start a Berean movement, but here are ten reasons (closely related) why people in Idaho Falls will not read their Bibles in 2013.

  1. They start to read their Bibles but then they don’t have enough discipline to finish.
  2. They find the Bible boring.
  3. They think that the Bible is full of contradictions and/or morally offensive.
  4. They have a hard time making the Bible relevant; the daily Bible reading entry doesn’t meet their needs.
  5. They read a portion of the Bible and wonder what in the world it is talking about.
  6. They think they are too busy in the morning or on work break or during the evening to read.
  7. They have read the Bible and don’t feel the need to read it again.
  8. They are too sad to read.
  9. They are too mad to read.
  10. They think they are too bad to read; they don’t want to be shackled with the laws in the Bible.


  1. Might I make a recommendation? I just purchased the Reformation Study Bible (ESV) from Ligonier Ministries. It is the absolute BEST Bible I have ever seen. The notes from R.C. Sproul provide a fantastic reformed perspective and make the Bible come alive. The ESV is a great translation that is written in modern English that reflects the original manuscripts. I have never had so much fun reading God’s Word.

  2. I have that very Bible. Good recommendation. My plan for the new year is The NKJV Daily Bible.

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