Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Your Bible

We have a lot of Bibles in Idaho Falls.  Here are ten reasons why you should personally open each day the Bible in your house.

  1. You will come face to face with Someone who is much bigger than you and the One whom you can’t control.  A Being who is perfect, infinite, trinity, and dangerous.  You are in for the adventure of your life.  Very dangerous but very good.
  2. You will learn about the one Hero.  Not batman or Ironman, but the God-man.
  3. Light will be thrown on the status of your culture and your world.  This is not too hard to understand and accept.
  4. You will be taught the truth about yourself.  Much more difficult to believe.  The Bible is a straight shooter in the hands of the Hunter.  Yes, it will be very uncomfortable for you at times.  It will be up to you to humble yourself, turn from yourself, and surrender to the Rescuer.
  5. In fact, you will be told to die to yourself.  But it is in death that you find life.  Do you believe in the cross?
  6. You will be shown the way beyond an American business (and Wall Street) to a spiritual Body.
  7. The Bible speaks of grace gifts and how to utilize these for the glory of God.  Are you ready to learn and serve?
  8. The Bible is the only book that is living and infallible light.  You don’t have to stumble along; you were not originally created to do that.
  9. The Bible is our trustworthy source for what happened in the beginning, eliminating the mindless speculation.
  10. Surprise.  Surprise.  Surprise.  And the Bible lets you know how everything is going to end.

Bonus – You will see my semitic name with rich Hebraic roots.  It’s Elon.  Through the Bible, (1) I have found where I came from, (2) what is my purpose, and (3) where I am headed.


  1. So Greg, let me guide you. I would like to write out 52 meditations on my New Testament readings in 2013.

  2. Perhaps you could teach me something, Todd. However, since I’ve been in your shoes, theologically speaking, but you’ve not been in mine, I somehow doubt that.

    Anyway, we know what Philip’s credentials were (or what his credentials ARE). How about yours?

  3. Okay. If I’m in a position to do so, I will. However, I am trying to get my head around the double message contained in your two comments taken together.

    From whence comes authority among Christians, in the Church?

    Be that as it may, in general, as people become closer to Christ, as they grow in grace, as they become more holy, the greater the internal sense of their own sinfulness becomes. So as I ask you: are you indeed sufficiently mature in Christ to make that last statement from the bottom of your heart, understanding its meaning and significance in a psychologically and spiritually profound and existential way?

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