BSA Grand Teton Council and Boy Scouts National Council

We understand that we live in a changing culture in America, and we understand that those within our very diverse country should not be discriminated based on their gender, skin color, nationality, or religious beliefs. But we do believe that there are fundamental, moral values designed by God that should not be challenged, crossed, and tossed aside. We believe that God created men and women with unique purpose, and we believe that this should be actively promoted and defended among the boys in our country. We are very disappointed with the national council of the Boy Scouts of America considering the acceptance of leaders regardless of their sexual orientation and in effect, delivering a redefinition of what is proper and moral family life before God Almighty. Certainly, family life in our towns and cities is at the core for our boys’ understanding and their preparation for life. We do not hate. We do not believe in bullying. We do not resort to violence. Simply, it is that  we stand unequivocally for love and truth which God has wired in our human consciences. We are pro-family life and desire to strengthen this crucial, yet currently vulnerable fabric within the Boy Scouts of America. We long for the boys we love and spend time with each week to be exposed to men, who are both good husbands to their wives and good fathers to their children. Herein, we rise up and stand.

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