2013 Berean Valentines

Marriage is precious.  And here are several reasons why . . .

1.  To have another creature who completes you – a gift given to you by the Creator.   Let us thank the Creator for His marvelous design.  Both the male and female reflect His image.  Where you are lacking, your spouse fills those areas where you are not equipped.  God has created men and woman for unique roles.  Thank God for your spouse and all those very important differences.

2.  To be able to live in an earthly relationship of purpose—marriage is a picture of an unbreakable, all-loving, unending relationship with Christ.  There are ten thousand marriages in Idaho Falls.  The Lord has placed in this city a gospel imprint just by the vast number of all these marriages.  Do you and your spouse have a mission statement and purpose for 2013?

3.  To have a companion whom God will use for your sanctificationthis marriage partner will reveal your areas of selfishness.  Marriage is a calling on a daily basis to share fully your thoughts, your feelings, your bodies, your time, and your resources for the honor and betterment of the other.  We are all naturally very selfish people.  Marriage is a divine tool for exposing and rooting out selfishness in those very personal areas of our lives.  God’s intention is to make us more and more like His Son, Jesus Christ.

Some joys related to marriage

1.  Someone who knows everything about you and still loves you.

2.  Unchanging love in the midst of sickness, discouragement, and struggles.

3.  Love bubbling up through smiles, hugs, and laughter.

4.  A special connection that no one else shares.

Does your marriage need some troubleshooting?  Consider some of these questions.

1.  Husband, is your wife secure in your love?  Wife, is your husband lifted up by your respect?

2.  Are you praying together?  Pray continuously for one another.  Pray together during your shared times of pleasures: nice meals, naps, sex, walks in the woods, vacations, etc.  And of course, pray together over the problems and trials that you face.   Pray each night in bed.

3.  Are you taking the time to problem solve?  Communication is vital and doing it the right way.

4.  Do you rely upon the gospel of Jesus to take care of the sin in your marriage?

5.  Who do you look to for fully satisfying your needs?  Jesus or your spouse?  Don’t put your family in the place where only God should be.

Some final questions for you and your spouse to talk about

1.  What do you most appreciate about your marriage?

2.  What prayer has God answered for you and your spouse?

3.  What is a central issue where you and your spouse are seeking together the wisdom of God?

4.  What are your top five Bible passages on marriage?

5.  How might God be leading you and your spouse to serve Him through the local body of Christ?  Which sick people in the church family does He want you to visit?  Whose faltering marriage does He want you to encourage?  Which children does He want you to invest your time and love?  How has He called you to evangelism and discipleship?

One comment

  1. The concept of marriage as an image (icon) of Christ and his Church is a huge deal when it comes to marriage. This is yet one more reason (besides the clear scriptural prohibitions and consensus of the Church) way any sort of union outside of one-man/one-woman marriage is inherently non-marital and a sham. We should not mess with an icon that God himself has ordained.

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