Shelley Spud Day 2014 – Jesus on top of the world

As you live in Idaho Falls, Shelley Spud Day must be on your bucket list of things to do.


This year is no exception to all the fun as Shelley Baptist Church entered a float in the morning parade.


That is Jim, driving his grandfather’s refurbished Ford.  I walked the streets with Pastor John Lovegrove.  The church family in Shelley passed out a lot of children’s baggies filled with goodies and gospel tracks.  The front of the Crossway track says it all.  When Jesus died on the cross, He accomplished everything that was needed for our salvation.  He cried, “It is finished.”  Three days later, He rose again from the grave.  And now, He is the exalted King who is coming again.  It is for you to believe fully in Him.  On this beautiful, last summer day in Southeastern Idaho, bow before the King.


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