Idaho Falls Day of Prayer – Sunday, March 15, 2020

Prayers for you

  1. Do you know God’s peace and love?
  2. Though you don’t understand all His ways presently, are you able to trust in a God who is loving and powerful?
  3. Are there desires, habits, and motives which need to be corrected in your life? What is it that God would desire for you to lay aside in pursuing a closer relationship with Him?
  4. What is it that you fear? Why?  How might you be able to take this issue to God in prayer?
  5. Pray for how you might put love in action here in Idaho Falls.

Your family

  1. How are your grandparents doing? Would they like a written letter from you, sharing a written prayer from you? Life is precious and very short.
  2. How are your parents? Your siblings?
  3. Which family member might you call and pray with over the phone?
  4. Please place your arm around your spouse and pray for him or her.
  5. Lay your hands upon your children and pray for them.
  6. Hold your grandchildren and pray for them.
  7. Pray for shalom: protection, wisdom, guidance, and health.

Your church family

  1. Who comes to your mind that you need to call and pray for them?
  2. Pray the “Lord’s Prayer” with another Christian.
  3. What encouraging Scripture might you share in a note?
  4. Pray, recite, or read a Scriptural benediction over your small church group.
  5. Look for opportunities to disciple and shepherd other believers in your Christian family. Pray for them.
  6. Praise God for lay shepherds who bring the ordinance of the Lord’s supper/communion to homes where brothers and sisters are unable to leave.
  7. Is there a brother or sister at the hospital that you should call? Pray for them.
  8. Pray for the church elders in our city that God will fill them with wisdom, endurance, patience, and grace. Pray that God will grant great joy and boldness in proclaiming the gospel. Pray for pastors that they might give their strength and time to pray to God Almighty.
  9. Pray for your brothers and sisters who are abroad.
  10. Pray for persecuted brothers and sisters.

Your neighborhood

  1. Get to know the names of all the neighbors on your street. Pray for them.
  2. Are there any needs among your elderly neighbors? Pray for them.
  3. Is there anyone sick in your neighborhood. Pray for them.
  4. Pray for the elementary school, the junior high school, and the high school in your neighborhood. Pray that God will grant wisdom to the school principals. Pray for the sports team coaches this spring. Pray for school administrators as they watch over the health and safety of all our young people.
  5. Pray for the kids and students in your streets. Pray for the teachers of your children by name.
  6. Regarding the gas station, convenience store, and business closest to your home. Know the names of attendants and workers. Ask what you can pray for them.

Your city

  1. Pray for our mayor, Rebecca Casper.
  2. Pray for all the city council by name.
  3. Pray for our state representatives who live in our city.
  4. Pray for health administrators, doctors, and nurses. Pray for the patients.
  5. Pray for our scientists and that we can develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.
  6. Pray for our police officers and first responders.
  7. Pray for the incarcerated, those battling addictions, and those in homeless shelters. Pray for those who serve these people.
  8. Pray for our news media to bring forth worthy information that educates and builds us as a city.
  9. Pray that we may continue to have access to the art community for events that can lift our spirits.
  10. Pray for the health of our city economy. Pray for our business leaders.
  11. Pray for the staff in your nearest grocery store who have been bombarded. As you have conversations over shopping carts while standing in lines, ask if you might take a moment to pray for that person.  It is ok to pray in public. Especially now.  Now is the time to pray.

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