Erik Strom and General Butt Naked


Erik Strom in Idaho Falls writes this week:

I just returned from a two week stay in Liberia, Africa. The mission is one of long term but consists of brief stays in the country working with ex-child combatants used in the civil wars ending in 2003.  The main focus is introducing them to the saving grace of Jesus, getting them off drugs, and educating and training them to contribute to their society.  Journeys Against Violence (JAV) is a project ministry under End Time Train Evangelistic Ministries of Joshua Milton Blahyi, the former warlord General Butt Naked.  His story of redemption is truly shocking and amazing.  His primary focus is reconciliation for his country, the ex-child soldiers and the continent.  This is to be accomplished by housing the young men for rehab close to the capitol city of Monrovia.  If they wish to enter the project, they may be moved to the project farm of 1000 acres, currently the largest in the country.  Ultimately the young men will run mission businesses that will benefit themselves, their families, and their country.  The project has been under way for approximately a year.  Land is deeded and housing is being built.  I stayed at the farm, a 14 hour drive from the nearest paved road deep in the bush.  Our secondary focus for this mission is bringing a “bridge” education where there is no government education available or affordable.  We are working on video recording indigenous teachers to bank for distribution, using churches during the day for schools, where schools are unavailable currently.  This is a temporary measure until the government can rebuild and fund schools.  This mission is large in scope and life changing in nature for all involved.  Jesus is adequate in every circumstance.  It is all and only for His Glory.  Those wishing to get involved personally or prayerfully may contact me at  Matthew 25:40

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